Anyone with curly hair knows that when you step outside on a humid day, you get the dreaded frizzy, puffy curls. That’s because the amount of moisture in the air, or lack of, has major implications for your natural texture.Why does this happen —  and how can you prevent it? Your curls  are made up […]

Whether you love it or hate it, wash day is the most essential part of a curly girl’s routine. The products you use, your washing techniques and your styling can either set your curls up for lasting success – or a wash day that just falls flat. Make the most of it with our tips! […]

Your beautiful curls can be defined and classified in many ways – fine to thick, wavy to coily, low to high porosity – but there’s one system that breaks down your curl type even further. Learn your curl type and how to best care for it to unlock your healthiest, bounciest, most “you” natural texture […]

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